She Roars is a thought leadership program designed specifically to help women working in social change become thought leaders, by harnessing their ideas and expertise. 

The 1:1 training program is our signature She Roars service, designed to take you from concept to execution. Over the course of three months, you will work directly with Wakeman CEO, Vanessa Wakeman, to develop your thought leadership platform, using our IDEA framework. During this period, you will achieve clarity on where your thinking fits in the eco-system of your sector, and devise a practical strategy, and tactical plan, to build your desired platform.

Through 1-1 training, we will focus on:

  • Preparing your platform and igniting the resources needed to support your mission

  • Vision identification and branding

  • Communications planning

  • Influence and power, through thought leadership

  • Narrative development

  • Media coaching

  • Positioning

  • Messaging

1-1 training will enable you to:

  • Identify the specific area of focus, as the foundation of your platform.

  • Identify the roadblocks that you face, when on the thought leadership journey.

  • Develop a deeper appreciation for your own insights.

  • Create a strategy to champion your own agenda.

  • Formulate messaging to effectively share your thinking.

We will help you strategize ways of inspiring beyond status quo thinking, to embrace the advantages of blazing new trails. You will learn how to burnish your reputation as an exceptional voice, driven to find innovative solutions to perplexing social problems, making your organization more prominent, and putting you in a position to attract greater funding for your cause.

To learn more about 1-1 training, or to share any questions, please email Jennifer Lynn at or 212-500-5953, x113.