Dear Agent of Change,

When I first conceived She Roars, I knew I wanted to not only hold a woman’s hand and walk her though the process of birthing her thinking to the world, but also to talk about the unspoken resistance that sometimes stops her from taking those scary, liberating first steps to elevate her voice with thoughts that are all her own.

I am constantly refining my thinking and focusing on creating a new understanding of thought leadership and its value in the social change sphere. Still, there are pieces of me on any given day that resist the reality of knowing and owning my expertise and prefer that I sit on the sidelines and stay quiet. But I don’t. I can’t. And neither can you.

In speaking with women over the years, this resistance is precisely what holds a woman back from being one who “roars.” Whether it is old stories from childhood about how girls should behave, or more recent occurrences in the workplace, I have found it to be a shared experience among women. And as we resist, or wait for just the right time, the world is in peril. Your thought leadership is needed now.

I am asking you to join me and other women who want to change the world. As a change maker, I am asking you to be a faithful steward of your ideas and innovation, to create something better for our families and communities. 

Women have always been a part of the arc of social change, but today we have an opportunity to strategically advance our agendas in a way that not only serves our constituents, but also ourselves. That is why I created She Roars, a thought leadership program exclusively for women in the social change sector.

A woman who roars fully owns her intellectual capital. She does not resist the opportunity to disrupt the status quo, because she knows her thinking matters.

A woman who roars understands that, as much as the thunderous applause of a crowd of supporters who cheer her on feels decadent[AB1] , the naysayers and detractors who question her thinking also play a valuable role in her evolution.

A woman who roars understands that thought leadership isn’t a journey but a continuum, and she commits to constantly evolving her thinking in the name of progress.

A woman who roars knows that her body of work and her experiences allow her to progress an agenda in a way that celebrates her feminine power.

She Roars is a culmination of my experiences working with nonprofit organizations over the past 15 years, and my understanding of exactly what it takes to become a thought leader. It is a powerful program to help you build your legacy and inspire stakeholders to join you as you change the world.

She Roars isn’t a movement, it’s a revolution. It is the uprising of powerful women who, together, will tilt the earth on its axis and change its trajectory.

There are more women in the nonprofit sector than ever before, which means that our expertise and energy can be harnessed to powerfully influence the next wave of social change.

It is my deepest desire to help develop as many female thought leaders as possible by the year 2020. In the coming months, you will have the opportunity to participate in our She Roars Master ClassSolo Sessions or our signature 1-1 Training. In the meantime, be sure to share your commitment to thought leadership through our 2020 Project

If you think it’s time for you to roar, I would love to hear from you!

As you ponder what thought leadership looks like for you and what it can do for your cause, I leave you with one of my favorite quotes:

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” –Anaïs Nin

Sisters, it’s time to blossom. Let the world hear you roar.


Vanessa Wakeman
CEO, The Wakeman Agency