As conversations about equity in the nonprofit sector continue to be a priority, foundations are seeking to play an active role in developing women leaders. We know that women represent the majority of the nonprofit workforce, but the minority when it comes to leadership of larger organizations. Women of color are even more significantly underrepresented in these roles. Your foundation can take action to address this inequity—and tap into the valuable potential of women in your foundation and grantee organizations.

As you plan for 2019, please consider our She Roars women’s thought leadership program as a resource for both your grantees and your own foundation’s leadership.  From grassroots efforts to legacy organizations, women are central to social movements, yet many lack the strategic direction to build a platform that propels their efforts on par with male counterparts. She Roars is the first program specifically designed to address this inequity and cultivate women’s thought leadership. Through the She Roars training, women learn to refine their thinking and craft vital messages that result in the advancement of important causes. This can enable the leadership of your grantee organizations as well as your foundation to gain notable influence and support.

Investing in thought leadership development offers a significant and measurable ROI. Not only is the leader better able to communicate a vision for the organization, she also influences others to champion the issue. This can lead to new funding sources and support among key constituents.

Through our She Roars training program, women receive guidance on developing their thought leadership platforms, crafting messages and learning how to better engage stakeholders to support their vision.  Training is available 1-1 or in cohorts of women within the nonprofit sector. This training elevates the stature, influence and success of the leadership of your foundation and your grantees’ organizations—and establishes your commitment to equity in the nonprofit sector.

Foundations play a critical role in developing the potential of nonprofit leaders and organizations’ ability to create change. Let’s work together to amplify the voices of women who are changing the world.

For more information on She Roars in relation to your Foundation, please contact Jennifer Lynn at or 212-500-5953, x113.


The Master Class is designed for developing thought leaders who excel by learning and executing in a group setting, collaborating with a community of fellow women change makers, who are ready to take the next steps in owning their voice, and sharing their body of work. The Master Class can be customized for a select group of grantee organization or foundation leadership, to focus on specific areas of training that meet your mission.

The Solo Sessions serve to achieve the same goals as the Master Class, but allow participants to work individually using the modules at their own pace and based on their own schedules.

1-1 Training is highly focused, intense and intended for women who are seeking to get to the core of their thought leadership evolution, in the most direct way possible.

For more information about She Roars and how it can help your Foundation and its grantees, or to share any questions, please email Jennifer Lynn at or 212-500-5953, x113.