The Social Change Diaries podcast is dedicated to exploring pivotal aspects of the social change sector, from the perspective of the experts who live and breathe the work of changing our world for the better. The show is hosted by Wakeman Agency CEO and She Roars Founder, Vanessa Wakeman.

Each season is dedicated to a specific theme that is at the forefront of the sector. We kicked off with the topic of Women and Thought Leadership. It was a phenomenal season, with deep insights from some of the powerhouse leaders in the sector today. From personal experiences to expert observations, we immersed in the topic, encouraging listeners to think about their own evolution into thought leadership, personally and professionally. We encourage listeners to absorb each of these timeless episodes- truly dialogues for the ages, perfect for those intrigued by the notion of She Roars.

Melissa Harris-Perry

Melissa Harris-Perry on the Power of Failure in Building Movements and Our Lives



Jacki Zehner

Jacki Zehner's Mission to Mobilize Unprecedented Resources for Women and Girls



Abigail Disney

Abigail Disney on Film, Universal Languages of the Heart and Social Change



Saru Jayaraman

Saru Jayaraman and Moral Jiu Jitsu as a Force for Change



Erica Payne

Strategist Erica Payne Is No Shrinking Violet



Rinku Sen

Rinku Sen’s 360 View on Racism, Classism and Sexism



Marianne Schnall

Reclaiming Your Voice with Marianne Schnall



Ana Oliveira

Ana Oliveira Explains Why Money Follows Leadership



Ai-jen Poo

The Power of Women Working Together with Ai-jen Poo